57 Days Until Halloween: LED Pumpkin Lights


This weekend, I made a trip to Sams. Mostly, to laugh at the insanely huge jars of Baked Beans & Mayonnaise. (who really needs that much mayo?!) Anyway, to my surprise, Sam’s Club has also started stocking a few Halloween items: from their 25 pound bags of candy to the 6 foot tall creepy talking Butler. I found a great bargain.


For under $10 bucks I was able to get a set of 50 LED pumpkin lights. I know the LED lights at Christmas time are not this cheap. And these babies come with plastic pumpkin faces fitted over each orange LED.


These are much better than my old pumpkin light sets found in my boxes of Halloween Decorations. Plus, since they’re LED, they won’t burn the house down, right?