No Update Today

Sorry, it’s really been slow around here lately.

Time for some Nerd-Speak:

I’m diligently moving my website to a new server. It’s taking some time. At the same time, I’m going to redesign the way my website looks. The hard part is moving all the data.

I’m going to have squarespace host my website. Their site builder is freaking awesome and very easy to configure.

I’ve been using wordpress for the past 3-4 years. Don’t get me wrong, wordpress works great. But, changing the design can be a little challenging. Updating the software every few months is also kind of scary. I always think the worst, like its going to take out my whole website during an update.

Since, I’ve been trying out Squarespace, it’s been very easy to copy all my blog entries over flawlessly in about 5 minutes. On the other hand, copying my articles over are not as easy. I have to cut and paste each one, manually. uggghh.. But, in the long run, it’ll be better on my end, and hopefully a better looking design.

So, please bare with me,