Superbowl Recap…

Hey everyone…

I hope everyone had a good time watching the superbowl yesterday. I know I did. We had so much food, it was delicious. But, what’s a good superbowl party without stuffing your face & drinking some beers? But, the team I was rooting for didn’t win. I mean, it came down to the last couple minutes. The Cardinals were ahead, and they couldn’t stop the Steelers from scoring in the final 2 minutes. Oh well.

One of the biggest surprises of the game was Brenda Warners hair. It looked normal. She grew it long, and she looks good. No longer does she look like Ma’am from the 80s sitcom, Webster.

Of course, the biggest excitement are the commercials. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Pepsi Max – Apparently, since you can’t show anything close to racy on TV anymore since Janet Jackson’s boob, they result to violence. It’s mostly Three Stooges type violence, but it’s very funny.

Career Builder – This one cracks me up. The screaming woman, the crazy co-worker picking his toes, punching a koala, what could be better?

There were actually quite a few good ones, also a bunch of lame ones. And one depressing one. Apparently, Jack from Jack in the Box got hit by a bus or something. They killed him off before, are they going to do it again? They have a website dedicated to that: Also, the 3D commercial was kinda cool. I picked up glasses for everyone. It was a neat effect, but I don’t know if I could watcha a whole episode of Chuck with them on. My eyes were kinda hurting after the short 2 minute commercial block in 3D.

Overall, it was an exciting game, and the commercials were fun. Anyone have any favorite commercials and/or moments of the big game?