A funny 2009 Bud Light Superbowl Commercial

Anheuser Busch are the kings of commercials when it comes to Super Bowl spots. I mean, I don’t care what the censors said, I loved the farting horses back a few years ago. Anyway, they always come up with about 5 or 6 cleverly funny ones for the Super Bowl. This year, since they were bought out by InBev, I was kind of worried that their commercial division would be rehauled. But, it seems so far it hasn’t. The following commercial, is one of the new 2009 Superbowl commercials, but since they knew they couldn’t air it on TV, they went all out raunchy. check it out:

Now tell me that wasn’t funny? haha!

update: well, apparently, AB decided not to allow this video to be shared. I was able to up until this evening. But, thanks to the great people posting crap on youtube, I found it. If you click the hq in the bottom righthand corner of the video, you can watch it in high quality. Anyway, here it is, again: