Rudolph should get a life

Hey everyone.

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates lately. I guess I’ll have to make a resolution to update more often in 2009. Since it’s the holidays, I’ve been busy with the Christmas shopping, drinking and other festive stuff. You know, basically excuses.

You may or may not be new to my site. But, one of my favorite Christmas related articles is my look at the Misfit Toys. I bring it up because someone named Nicole, out of nowhere posted a comment to it. She basically told me to grow up and get a life. I guess she’s never seen my site before, because I’m rarely ever serious. I’m mostly full of sarcasm.

Misfit Toys

Anyway, go ahead and click on the picture above and check out my article on the Misfit Toys from 3 years ago. It comes complete with a bonus Deleted scene from Rudolph. Oh, and check out the comment I was talking about.