10 days til Halloween…

Since it’s getting close to Halloween, I figured I’d start posting some “Halloween-ish” posts. First some updates:

HATV is a little behind schedule. It will be complete next week before Halloween. I’m having a Halloween party this weekend, and I wanted to shoot some video there. Stuff looks good on paper, I’ll see how it transfers to film. I’m still having problems animating with my new camcorder, I may animate the lazy way until I figure out the correct way.

Anyway, today’s “Halloween-ish” post is my favorite zombie movie, “28 Days Later”. Okay, maybe it’s tied for favorite zombie movie with “Shaun of the Dead”. I found a website about a year ago called hulu.com. They have a bunch of tv shows on there. Well, recently, I found out they have full length movies too! So, during this Halloween season, I figured I’d bring you a couple movies.

Todays featured presentation is “28 Days Later”.

Please turn your cellphones on vibrate.