10 days til Halloween…

Posted on 21. Oct, 2008 by in Half-Assed Posts

Since it’s getting close to Halloween, I figured I’d start posting some “Halloween-ish” posts. First some updates:

HATV is a little behind schedule. It will be complete next week before Halloween. I’m having a Halloween party this weekend, and I wanted to shoot some video there. Stuff looks good on paper, I’ll see how it transfers to film. I’m still having problems animating with my new camcorder, I may animate the lazy way until I figure out the correct way.

Anyway, today’s “Halloween-ish” post is my favorite zombie movie, “28 Days Later”. Okay, maybe it’s tied for favorite zombie movie with “Shaun of the Dead”. I found a website about a year ago called hulu.com. They have a bunch of tv shows on there. Well, recently, I found out they have full length movies too! So, during this Halloween season, I figured I’d bring you a couple movies.

Todays featured presentation is “28 Days Later”.

Please turn your cellphones on vibrate.


3 Responses to “10 days til Halloween…”

  1. Tbone

    21. Oct, 2008

    is 28 days later the sequel to 28 days with sandra bullock?

  2. Greg

    21. Oct, 2008

    yep, it sure is! it’s fully of “wacky hijinks”!!

  3. Jay

    28. Oct, 2008

    hulu is awesome. I too signed up for it about a year ago while it was on beta. There’s a TON of good stuff on there!

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