Silly Rabbit, Trix are for.. Halloween?

front of box

Well, I went to the grocery store with my nephew today. While browsing the Halloween section, I picked a couple things that I needed like a new Halloween Tablecloth & a new candy bowl. But, it wasn’t until I got to the cereal aisle that I found one lonely, somewhat Halloween-ish cereal.

You see, the trix rabbit is all dressed up for Halloween. He’s not wearing much of a costume. He’s just wearing a bat shaped mask. And, if you look at the back of the box, you can dress up just like the silly rabbit. There’s a cutout bat mask printed on the back. There’s also a recipe for a “cheerios & trix cereal treat bars”. They’re similar to to rice krispie treats, except you add peanuts to the mix. Anyway, the cereal itself is the same as always. Although, I haven’t had trix in about 15 years. I was actually surprised on how good it is. I may start buying it again! Click on the spooky pics below to see it full sized.