New TV Week!

Posted on 24. Sep, 2008 by in Half-Assed Posts

Well, we’ve finally gotten to that time of year with new tv shows and new episodes of our favorites. I’ve realized that I watch way too much tv! My DVR was recording 3 things at once on Monday: Heroes, How I met Your Mother & Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yesterday, I watch some new game show called “Opportunity Knock”, which was actually pretty good. And of course, I had to watch “The Shield”, which has always been an awesome show.


Here’s what my DVR is recording the rest of the week:
Knight Rider, David Blane: Dive of Death
My Name is Earl (x2), Survivor: Gabon, Kitchen Nightmares(x2), The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Friday & Saturday:
There’s no such thing as a good show on Friday & Saturday
Simpsons, King of the Hill, Amazing Race, Family Guy, American Dad

Man.. I need a life..


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  1. Review the World

    25. Sep, 2008

    i just got HDTV and DVR a couple weeks ago.. – we’ve already got 14 shows programmed to record.. – inc. tonight’s Office, My Name is Earl, and It’s Always Sunny.. – i had no idea about the David Blaine thing.. – how’d it turn out? – another favorite show of mine is Bizarre Foods on Travel Channel.. – it’s three episodes into a brand new season.. – Ghost Hunters on Wed. is another apartment fave.. – TV is taking me over..

  2. Greg

    26. Sep, 2008

    I can’t live without my HDTV & DVR anymore. It’s so great.

    The David Blaine thing was okay. It wasn’t his best special. The whole “stunt” was him hanging upside down for like 3 days. But, he got 10 minute breaks every 3 hours. I didn’t think it was that great of a “trick”.

    It’s always sunny was awesome last night. Gotta love Green Man on Youtube.

  3. The Sexy Armpit

    01. Oct, 2008

    DVR definitely rules our lives. always sunny and knight rider are on my dvr as well!
    GREEN MAN! lol

  4. Ellis Gibson

    27. Jun, 2010

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    30. Jun, 2010

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    06. Oct, 2010

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