New TV Week!

Well, we’ve finally gotten to that time of year with new tv shows and new episodes of our favorites. I’ve realized that I watch way too much tv! My DVR was recording 3 things at once on Monday: Heroes, How I met Your Mother & Sarah Connor Chronicles. Yesterday, I watch some new game show called “Opportunity Knock”, which was actually pretty good. And of course, I had to watch “The Shield”, which has always been an awesome show.


Here’s what my DVR is recording the rest of the week:
Knight Rider, David Blane: Dive of Death
My Name is Earl (x2), Survivor: Gabon, Kitchen Nightmares(x2), The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Friday & Saturday:
There’s no such thing as a good show on Friday & Saturday
Simpsons, King of the Hill, Amazing Race, Family Guy, American Dad

Man.. I need a life..