Steve Ewing Band

Saturday night. Well, it’s Saturday night. Josh had nothing to do, I had nothing to do. We ended up at Fortel’s pizza for a hamburger & bacon pizza with a pitcher of Amber Bock. After that we really didn’t have anything to do. We headed to a local bar in Festus, called Biele Street. We heard a familiar voice singing in the parking lot. We thought it sounded like the Urge. It was Steve Ewing!

For those of you not familiar with Steve Ewing, he used to be the lead singer of The Urge. The Urge was probably the most popular band ever in St. Louis. I’ve seen them quite a few times at a now defunct place called Mississippi Nights. They would pack Mississippi nights like crazy. Wall to Wall sweaty people. It would be the craziest most entergetic show ever!

Well, tonight, we walked into Biele Street. There was about 25 other people there. We seemed to be the only ones paying attention to them. It was so good. They played a few Urge songs, “Brainless”, “Jump Right In”, “Too Much Stereo”, “Gettin Hectic”, “Going to the Liquor Store” to name a few. It was so awesome. I couldn’t believe that we were watching one of our idols from early highschool on a stage about 3 blocks away from my house.

We talked to Steve for awhile. He was really cool! We bought his new cd, and he told us to email, call, etc. him. I guess we put him way up on a pedestal since we loved the Urge when we were younger. Anyway, it was a great night. Lots of beers downed. I’m sure you can tell by the crappy typing of this little blog entry. Anyway, check out Steve’s new cd, “common side effects”. It’s pretty freakin good!