Busy Working….

Hey guys..

It’s been awhile since I’ve put an update up here. Sorry about that. It seems everyone has had computer problems lately. So, I’ve had about 6 computers to fix in the past couple weeks. I like the side work & extra cash, but I haven’t had time for an update. So, I’ll promise to have a new article up on Thursday night / Friday Morning.

I’m excited. On Friday, we’ll be filming a video. It’ll be a half-assed tv snippit. The first of it’s kind since 2006. Wow! has it really been that long? Anyway, I’ll try to make these more regular. I don’t think I’ll be doing episodes anymore. Although, I’ve got a few things on my hard drive recorded for a halloween episode. But, most likely, they’ll be shorter than the first (and only) episode. I guess I really don’t know exactly what to expect. All I can tell you is to expect a little action on the half-assed tv page.