Back from Warped

warped tour

Well, as many times as I’ve said that it’d be my last time going to the warped tour, I still find a way back there. So, I went to the Warped Tour yesterday. I surprisingly had a pretty good time. The weather wasn’t too bad. It was a nice day, but it wasn’t too hot. And I finally got to see the nerdcore rapper, MC Chris! woohoo!

So, I’ll have my annual warped tour review before the end of the week. I also have a couple other articles on deck: a new rollercoaster review & my Branson article. I just need to sort through the tons of pictures.

If you saw me yesterday out at warped tour wearing my half-assed productions shirt leave me a comment say hello. And, sorry if you’re disappointed. I can post your demo tape if you want! 🙂