Dark Knight viral campaign

The Dark Knight comes out this summer, which is the sequel to Batman Begins. I’m totally excited about this. I loved Batman Begins. In fact it’s in my top 5 superhero movies of all time. I don’t have any order but the list would include: Batman Begins, The Incredibles, Superman II, X-Men 1 & 2.

the dark knight

The cool thing with the Dark Knight is the way they’re marketing it. They’re making legit looking websites which pertain to the movie. It gets me even more excited about the movie. In fact, they even had people campaigning to vote for Harvey Dent (for District Attorney) in various cities.

Here’s the sites I know of so far:

Gotham City Times
The HaHa Times
We Are the Answer
Gotham National Bank
Gotham City Police
Gotham City Rail
Remembering Gina
Personality Profile
Gotham City Cab
(secret number: 1-877-530-2227, PIN 6773)
Saint Swithuns Church
Gotham Cable News
Safe Cracker
Gotham Unified School District
Acme Security Systems
Gotham Victims Advocate Foundation
Harvey Dent
Citizens for Batman
Rory’s Death Kiss
Gotham City Police Internal Affairs
Gotham City Police Major Crimes Unit
Clown Travel Agency
Law Offices of Joseph Candoloro
* 1866 626-8049, PIN 1149 (Joseph Candoloro’s voicemail)
* 1866 580-3840, PIN 9482 (Albert Rossi’s voicemail)
* 1866 608-3515, PIN 32976 (Francis Notaro’s voicemail)
Maiden Avenue Report
Gotham Ferry System
Kinsly Travel
Rossi’s Delicatessen
Dana Worthington
A Taste for the Theatrical

Yes, there’s that many. And there’s probably more to come. Check out the sites, see if you find anything interesting. I noticed that if you call the phone number on the Gotham City Rail, it says they’re out of business. They’re putting a lot of work into these viral websites.

One of the coolest things they’ve done so far is made kind of a scavenger hunt. On the Clown Travel Agency website, there’s a list of address with numbers. All the addresses are bowling alleys. The numbers are a locker number & a combination. Inside the locker is a bowling bag with a bowling ball, phone, joker card & secret number to call. Here’s a video of someone finding one.