“Get yourself ready for a trip through McDonaldland
Take along a friend, and grab a hold of Ronald’s hand
Follow Ronald McDonald through the land of apple pie trees
And don’t be surprised if you meet Big Mac and McCheese
There’s a thick shake volcano, you’ll even find a French fry plant
Now just turn around, and see if you won’t find a hamburger patch
As you’re heading for… A McDonald’s… in McDonaldland, a McDonald’s…”

Take a trip to a strange Fast Food Land called McDonaldland. It’s where volcanoes erupt with triple thick shakes and trees talk to you while you pick apple pies off of them. It’s McDonald’s strange commercial universe in the 70s. We can’t have anything like this nowadays, because of the obesity problem with kids, which is all McDonalds fault right? Yeah, that’s sarcasm. Anyway, click above to learn about McDonaldland, then watch tons of the commercials. It’s all in my latest article. fun fun fun! woo!