Jones Soda Easter Pack

Well, Easter is just a few short weeks ago. So, we can expect the usual candy flow of Peeps, Cadbury Eggs, & Jelly Beans. I’m not a huge fan of the Easter Candy. The only thing I can recall liking are caramel filled chocolate eggs.

Easter Pack!

Anyway, in getting to the point of this article, the Jones Soda Company decided to cash in on Easter. We’ve all seen their Halloween Sodas, Thanksgiving Sodas, & Christmas sodas. But, this is the first time I’ve seen Easter Sodas. This may not be the first year they’ve had these, but when searching on google for the easter pack, I couldn’t find much information.

The pack is simply a 12 pack of their 12 oz bottles. You have 4 each of the 3 flavors. The 3 flavors are Robin’s Egg Lemonade, Little Bunny Fufu, and Chocolate Bunny. These sodas are “pure cane sugar” sodas, which means they use the purest sugar or something. I dunno. But, I recall that Jones sodas used to be all Sugar Free.


First, I’m going to try the “Little Bunny Fufu”, because I believe that they just renamed Fufu Berry Soda to a more Easter friendly name. Lets try it…..

little bunny fufu

Oh man, this is freakin good! It’s got it’s own unique flavor. Kinda like a flavor between cherry & watermelon Jolly Ranchers. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a regular FuFu Berry Soda, but I recall it tasting a lot like bubble gum. This flavor, the little bunny fufu, tastes sweet like a cherry blow pop. I’d even say it tastes kind of like a berry flavored Jello. Either way, it’s very good. But, really sweet.


Okay, time to rinse out my glass and give “Robin’s Egg Lemonade” a try. At easter there’s Robin’s Egg Candy in 2 different varieties. There’s Malted Milk Balls & Gumballs. I would assume this is more like the Robin’s Egg Gum… Lets see…..

robin's egg lemonade

I kind of expected this to have a strong lemonade flavor. But, it doesn’t it’s very mild. It does tastes exactly like a lemon flavored gum. But, not a sour lemon. It’s sweet, and it has light hint of mint too. It’s actually a really good flavor too. It’s almost got a flavor close to smarties. But, you can tell they were trying to replicate the gum.


Time for round 3, “Chocolate Bunny” soda. Time to pop the cap….

chocolate bunny

Well, it smells like chcolate. I’m taking a sip, now. Yep, that’s chocolate. Wow, that’s pretty sweet too. Okay, imagine this: Take a bottle of Hershey’s syrup, fill up half a glass with the syrup and half the glass with water. Mix it up, and that’s exactly what this tastes like. This is not my favorite of the 3. I was hoping for a Yoohoo type flavor. But, it’s basically watered down chocolate syrup.

Well, there you have it. The Jones soda Easter Pack. Let me warn you if you do get this pack, these sodas are really sweet. My heart is racing and my hands are shaking. They’re basically like liquid candy. Anyway, if you’re short on coffee in the morning, drink a bottle of this, I guarantee it’ll give you a good sugar buzz.