Super Bowl Commercials 2008

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super bowl!

Yes, it’s been a long time, but today, I bring you…. da da da daaaaaaaaa!!! .. a New Article! Woo, hip hip hooray! Today’s article is a look at the commercials from the super bowl yesterday. There were some good ones, and there were some stinkers. I compiled my top five favorites. Oh, there’s also a bonus video, which because I couldn’t figure out how to remove the autoplay feature, is the first thing you’ll see when you check out the article. Click on the logo above to check it out.


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Super Bowl Commercials 2008

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Before I start, I had to put this one at the top. (I couldn’t get the autoplay to turn off!)

Here’s a bonus commercial from Anheuser Busch. I love this commercial, but it wasn’t played on the Super Bowl, so it can’t be on the countdown. I guess it didn’t pass the censors.

Bonus – Bud Light (Cut the Cheese)

That one speaks for itself.

Well, I’m sure everyone watched the Super Bowl. It was actually a good game (if you’re not a Patriot fan). I have to be honest. I didn’t really care who won. But, I was rooting for New York. I usually root for the underdog if the Rams aren’t in it. So, Eli had a good game. An incredible escape from a sack only to have his receiver somehow catch the ball using his helmet. Yes, the last 3 minutes were very exciting.

But, I’m not sports analyst. I follow, my St. Louis home teams, and that’s about it. So, analyze what I know: Commercials! Yes, everyone loves the commercials during the Super Bowl, right? Well, this year it cost only a mere 2.7 million per 30 seconds. I would say there were a lot of lame commercials this year. But, I’m going to count down my five favorites of the night.

#5 – (Glondoor) had 2 different commercials with the “Plan B” premise. The guy buying a car was happy to get a deal from because if he wasn’t he would have to go with “Plan B”. In this one Plan B was some roid’d up psycho ready to kick ass in a ring of fire. My favorite part of this is the suggestion by the customer. “You should definitely step out of the circle, just to avoid confusion”.

#4 – Bud Light (Wine and Cheese)

Yes, there were many Anheuser Busch commercials. The “abilities” commercials were getting kinda old. Breathing Fire, Flying, Teleportation. This one is just a simple one with guys who’d rather be drinking beer than cheese & wine tasting. Gotta Go on a Cheese Run! I was going to put the Clydesdale commercial on here, but I think this one was funnier. Although, a dalmatian training a clydesdale ala Rocky is worth checking out!

#3 – Planters (Perfume)

This commercial struck me as funny. It’s really not the main character that’s funny to me. It’s all the falling and crashing by the guys checking out this girl. I would have to say that cashews are my favorite nut, but do they really put off that much of an odor. If you stick your nose in a can you can smell them, but they aren’t that fragrant are they? I guess I should remember what is and what isn’t reality.

#2 – Fed Ex (Carrier Pidgeons)

All you need to show me is a giant animal going a muck in city streets and I’m sold! Although, It probably won’t make me switch all my shipping needs to Fed Ex. But, it does make me wonder what would happen if one of those birds had to poop. I guess that’s to ‘risque’ for super bowl ads. Ever since Boob-gate of the 2004 Super Bowl, they can’t even show a farting horse on tv.

#1 – Tide to Go (Talking Stain)

This is my favorite commercial of the night. An annoying talking coffee stain! What could be better. The stain has such an incoherent voice, but you can’t ignore it. It’s good advertising too because you know what they’re trying to sell you. They’re actually having a contest too on tide’s webside to make a parody of the stain commercial. If I can think of a good idea I may enter one.

Anyway, what were your favorite commercials?


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