The Holidays with the Jones’

Hey there in internet land.

Well, I decided to put up some Christmas decorations here on the site. Its not much, but maybe it’ll get you in the Christmas spirit. If you don’t see them at the top, just hit refresh on your browser. Anyway, can you believe that its already Thanksgiving next week. Before you know it, Christmas will be here. I’ll try to do some Christmas themed articles in the next month & a half.

I thought about doing the Jones soda drink off again like I did a couple years ago, but it’s been done over and over again. Plus, I’ve only seen a dessert pack this year. There are a few Christmas flavors this year I’d like to check out, though.

jones soda

Okay, now after actually looking up the facts about the Jones soda packs this year, I may have changed my mind about the Holiday Packs. This year, they don’t have the usual Holiday packs with Turkey & Gravy and other Thanksgiving flavors. They’re having 2 different packs: A Christmas pack & a Chanukah Pack.

The Christmas pack has the following flavors: Christmas Ham Soda, Christmas Tree Soda, Egg Nog Soda and Sugar Plum Soda.

The Chanukah pack has these flavors: Latke Soda, Apple Sauce Soda, Chocolate Coins Soda and Jelly Doughnut Soda.

I don’t know if I’ll end up with a pack or not this year. But, it would be interesting to find out what Ham & Christmas Trees taste like in liquid form.