Candy Corn Popcorn

Well, today at work I received a bag of ACT II Candy Corn Popcorn. I’m very familiar with Act II popcorn products. The Butter Lovers flavor is one of my favorites. But, this is a limited edition flavor that I’ve never had before.

the package

This bag was a “mini bag”, I wasn’t sure if they came in the normal sized bag or not, since someone gave me this for helping them with their computer homework. ACT II has made popcorn balls every year for Halloween, but this is the first that I’ve seen of the candy corn flavored popcorn.

pop pop pop

The bag said pop for 1 – 1 1/2 minutes. So I put it in for 1 minute to see if it would pop all the way. The minute was over, and nothing. So, I put it in another 30 seconds. It still wasn’t completely popped. So, I put it in another 10 seconds, then another, then another. Finally after about 2 minutes & 20 seconds, I was satisfied that it wasn’t going to pop any more kernals.

popped bag

The bag was solid, like it was vacuum-sealed. It was very different from what it looks like after you pop a normal bag of popcorn. It was more like a package of sealed gourmet coffee.


Here’s the product. I must say, it’s not horrible. But, it’s not very good either. I’m a huge fan of kettle-corn, but not the microwavable kettle-corn. This tastes like honey covered stale popcorn. It’s not expired either. It’s good until August 2008. Anyway, stay away from this. I don’t see why people are taking the worst tasting Halloween Candy and making it into different products. Jones soda made a soda a few years ago, I think it’s still available this year, it was pretty awful. And this year, I saw Candy Corn Hershey Kisses.

Please, stop making candy corn products. Enough!!

– Greg