Lost in the Pumpkin Patch

pumpkin patch

Hey Strangers…

Yes, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated my site. Yeah, sorry about that. You see, I’ve been lost in a pumpkin patch. For 2 weeks I struggled to survive by living off the disgusting taste of raw pumpkin goo. Day by Day, Hour by Hour, Minute by Minute, I pressed on. Trying to find a way out. I kept myself entertained by creating a pumpkin friend called ‘punky’. After the 14th day, I realized, that my cell phone had been in my pocket the whole time. So, I called a guy with a tractor to get me out.

big pumpkin

So, I thought of ideas for a half-assed tv 2, but since it’s halloween related, I have like a week and a half to get them all on tape, and edited. Could I do it? Sounds like a challenge. I’d probably have to “act” all the parts out by myself. Anyway, if I do happen to get something together, it’ll probably be short.

Speaking of Halloween stuff, has anyone noticed the lack of halloween stuff this year. It seems like last year most of the stores had about 5 – 6 aisles dedicated to Halloween. This year, there’s like 2, and the other few aisle are already dedicated to Christmas. Do I really need a blow up Santa Claus 3 weeks before Halloween? Oh well, I guess the 2 kinda mix. That’s my little segue to Nightmare before Christmas. It’s coming back in theaters this Friday. In 3D!!! So, I’m excited we should be seeing that.

Well, I’m done rambling. Hopefully, I’ll have a new article & maybe a new tv episode soon.