Another show I’ll be tivo’ing

Well, this week started the first week of season premieres on tv. From last nights NBC lineup, I realized, I’m going to be watching a whole 3 hours of NBC on Monday nights:

Chuck is on first, which I’ve said in an earlier article that I really liked. If the episodes continue to be as good as the first episode, then I’ll be there.

Heroes is on next. This was my favorite new show of last year. Holy crap was last season great! Anyway, it started back up last night. It wasn’t as strong of an opener, but it was still good. They have to build up the story. But, I wish Hiro’s story would end. He’s starting to annoy me.

Journeyman was the last thing on. Man was this show good! I loved this show! Its about a guy who goes back in time sporadically. He can’t control it, but he has to fix something in the past. It’s similar to Quantum Leap, except he has no idea what he needs to do, and people back in his real time have no idea where he is. Check this one out, it’s great.

Anyway, I’ll try to get a new article up later this week.