Grindhouse: split for DVD

Posted on 18. Sep, 2007 by in Half-Assed Posts

deathproof planet terror

Well, the geniuses in hollywood did it again. I mean that sarcastically by the way. Today, Deathproof comes out on DVD. In a month Planet Terror comes out to DVD. The problem is, they’re splitting up, in my opinion, the best movie that came out this spring, GrindHouse!

GrindHouse was meant to be a double feature movie. All with fake trailers & advertisements before & in between the movies. It felt like you were watching a late night double feature in the 70s. The added scratches & skipping film reels added to the authenticity. I saw it on the first weekend it was out in the theaters. I loved this movie, both movies actually. But, after a couple weeks in the theater, it didn’t do too well, so they split the Grindhouse movie into 2 separate movies. And they’re doing the same thing with the DVD. The sad thing is, the great fake trailers won’t be found on either DVD.

So, the question is, should I buy both movies, or hope that they finally come to their senses and release a dvd with both movies like it was intended? 🙁


3 Responses to “Grindhouse: split for DVD”

  1. Angie

    19. Sep, 2007

    Blah! Who cares? Both of those movies were HORRIBLE!! Grindhouse was AWFUL!!!

  2. Jay

    22. Sep, 2007

    i’m gonna wait it out…hopefully we’ll get a special edition…

  3. Greg

    24. Sep, 2007

    I hope so, the fake trailers alone, make it worth the wait.

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