Damn.. it’s HOT!

Posted on 06. Aug, 2007 by in Half-Assed Posts

it's hot

Well, it’s the dog days of summer, and man is it hot. The humidity here in St. Louis this time of year is just awful. Especially when you mix in the 100 degree high temperatures. Just walking out to get your mail will either result in your shirt turning from dry to wet from all the sweat or you’ll just burst into flames. I guess it could be worse. The temperature could be 10 degrees hotter like it is in Vegas.

So, while I’m trying to keep from melting away, I’ll work on getting a new article for you guys to check out before the end of the week.


3 Responses to “Damn.. it’s HOT!”

  1. Angie

    06. Aug, 2007

    HA! Your mailbox is attached to your house goofball! You merely have to walk to your front door & open it & voila! You have your mail… no walking in the extreme temperatures! You’re Silly… but I luv ya anyway 🙂

  2. spoilsport

    07. Aug, 2007

    No shit – I got some spam email the other day and it was all like “Hot weather got you down? Try Cialis!” or something like that. No clue what the reasoning behind that might have been.

    I feel your pain, brother.

  3. Angie

    08. Aug, 2007

    How ironic this is… you post this blog baby & then my a/c breaks down on the hottest damn day of the year 🙁 God this is miserable!

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