I’m a winner! and last.fm

Hey everyone.

Yeah, it seems like its longer and longer between my posts. I really have to do a full length, real article soon. It’s been a long time. I need to get back on track. That, and I need to borrow Jeff’s camcorder, so I can get you a long awaited half-assed tv 2. I have lots of ideas, yet no camcorder. Well, I’ve got a broken one, and a lost one. If you want to donate to my camcorder fund, message me on myspace. Yeah, it’s a longshot, but there could be some rich person out there, just waiting to blow their money on me.

my prize!

Well, I went to Six Flags for the first time this season. They have a new ride out there called ‘Tony Hawk’s Big Spin’. It looked pretty fun, but it was broken down when we were there. When they finally re-opened it, the line was too long. Besides, my cousin, T-Bone, said the ride is fun, but it’s only 30 seconds long. So, I’ll check it out some other time. I’ll also bring my camera next time, so I can do a good review of the park. Since I have a season pass, me & Angie should be going there pretty often. Plus, she wants to see ‘the plain white t’s’, which are going to be there in August.

me and my prize!

The biggest thing about being at six flags was playing Ring Toss. Angie bought me a hat full of rings for 10 bucks. The hat is pictured above. Yes, it’s pretty goofy. Anyway, they give you over 100 rings. And you have to get a tiny ring over a glass bottle. It’s pretty much impossible to do. But, when I got to my 87th ring, I made it on a bottle. I couldn’t believe it! Angie wanted the green dragon. Yep, that thing was huge. Luckily, I didn’t have to carry it around the park for very long afterwards. We left soon after. You can check out the couple pics I took on my flickr page.

my jukebox

On a totally unrelated story. I’ve been working on another DIY project. I’m working on making a touchscreen jukebox, like they have at many dive bars across the world. It’s pretty cool. I just have to put it in a box, so it looks professional.

The reason I bring up the jukebox, is I found another interesting website. I’ve heard about it for a long time, but I finally decided to check it out and get an account. It’s called last.fm . It’s similar to myspace, like every other web 2.0 social network site. But, the cool thing is, every song I play on my computer or Jukebox, gets logged into my last.fm account. So, it makes a list of the recent songs you’ve played, plus it gives you recommendations and stuff. You can even make your last.fm playlist as a plugin on myspace. It’s pretty cool, check out my profile by clicking here

Anyway, I hope to get a new article up here soon. Sorry for the delays..

– Greg