I’m getting a house!!!

Hey people…

Good news!! First of all, I’m going to have my first article up in a long time tomorrow. I’ve got all the pictures, just need to write it up. I’ve got 2 others on deck. Which means, for the first time in about a month, you’ll actually see something new!

my mansion

Second piece of good news is: My bid for a house has been accepted! I’m getting a house! This is my first house, so I’m really excited. No more apartment living or living with the folks. Finally, if I want to throw a bowling ball through the wall, I can do it. I don’t think I will, but now I have the option to, without a pesky landlord frowning upon that kind of thing. It’s not exactly my dream mansion, but it’s pretty much all I wanted in a first time house. This is kind of the reason I had all these delays lately in updates.

Now that I can get my mind on better things, like this site, you’re probably wondering what I did for the past month. Well, some of my plastic friends will explain everything in tomorrows article.

– g