Happy Valentines Day

Posted on 14. Feb, 2007 by in Half-Assed Posts

No, no new article yet today. Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentines day. Even though, I think it’s the stupidest holiday ever.


I mean think about it. If you really care about someone, why do you need a day put aside to do something special for someone? Wouldn’t it be more of a surprise if you gave your ‘special someone’ a gift on just an average day. Anyway, Hallmark can kiss my ass.

I did hear today though that Howard Stern got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Beth O. This came as a shocker to me since Howard has been saying for years after his divorce that he would never get married again. I guess he was wrong.


– G

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  1. Angie

    17. Feb, 2007

    You, along with most other men, may think this is a stupid holiday but you can count on your “special somone” along with most other females not thinking it’s so stupid.

    While perhaps a gift just out of the blue would be a very wonderful thing, it almost NEVER happens. Typically, the only time a guy really thinks about getting his “special someone” a gift is when it’s expected, ie: christmas, birthdays, anniversaries… and most time it’s last minute & there’s no thought put in it even then.

    Most women want to be shown they are appreciated and loved for all the things they do “above and beyond” that make your lives so much easier, nicer & special. And for a guy to do that on his own is almost completely unheard of. So, we have ONE day a year–Valentine’s Day. It’s just one day & it’s not too much to ask considering all the things we do for you daily.

    So while it may have gotten a little commercialized it isn’t too much for a woman to wish/hope/expect that her special someone will treat her as a special someone on that day by sending her flowers or something more special. It makes her think, “he did this for me even though I know he hates this day, I am special”.

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