What’s your Favorite Scary Movie?!

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So, today, I’m writing a new article. I thought it be fun to do a look at a few of my favorite Horror Movies. Being that it’s Halloween time, I feel the urge to do some Halloween themed articles. I tried to come up with a top five list of horror movies that I love. I couldn’t put them in any order. Because you have your serious horror movies to your comedy style horror. I just couldn’t decide.

So, here they are in no particular order…

Nightmare on Elm Street

The original Nightmare on Elm Street has still got to be my favorite of the 7, 8, 9? Whatever number they’re on now. Anyway. This is the one where we see less of Freddy as a funnyman. He’s pretty scary in this whole movie. And in the first movie, the stop him by burning him. Johnny Depp makes his debut in this movie.

I just read a fun little fact about Wes Craven when making this movie. He said that he got the idea for freddy in a dream he had. He named the character Freddy after a bully who tormented him in grade school. And he also chose a Red & Green striped sweater on Freddy because it’s hard for the human eye to focus when those 2 colors are next to each other.

Throughout the Elm Street Franchise, there’s been many ways they tried killing freddy, by burning, holy water, burying, bringing him to reality, & Jason chopping his head off. All these ways have failed. And as soon as New Line is ready to make another buck, they’ll make another one. And, I’ll be in line waiting for tickets.

texas chainsaw masacre

Here’s one of the most scariest movies I’ve ever seen as a kid. I think the fact that it’s very old looking makes it ever scarier. I would assume if it was shot on 8mm, it’d be even scarier, still. But, it’s supposedly based on a true story. I found out that most of that was exaggerated. There may have been a serial killer in Texas, but he wasn’t this demented.

One of the strange aspects of this movie over any other common horror movie guy, is that this fat dude can run. Michael Myers & Jason were always slow chasing after you. But, Leatherface is a fast in your face mf. He’ll run after you, kill you, then eat your flesh, & wear it.

The thing about leatherface is, he wears an apron. Why?! is it so he doesn’t get blood & guts on his new shirt & slacks. I mean, shit, his house has hanging bones, flesh, & dead bodies everywhere. I guess that’s the same reason he wears a tie. He can take off the flesh mask & the apron, and he’s ready for a night on the town. He’s a hell of a swing dancer, so I’m told.

28 days later

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this movie. But, I remember it making a lasting impression. I would group dawn of the dead, day of the dead, & land of the dead in this same category.

A guy wakes up in the middle of a huge virus going around turning everyone into zombies. Of course he runs into other people along the way. Then they realize its like some big government conspiracy. Very cool movie.

shaun of the dead

I had to put this one on there. I love this movie. It has the dude in there from the original tv show, ‘the office’. He runs a rent-a-center type store. He’s pretty much your average loser with a crappy job & a drinking habit.

There’s so many funny parts in here, but amongst all the comedy, it’s acutually a really good zombie movie. And the special effects are just as good as the big blockbusters. So, if you haven’t checked this one out yet, definitely do!

child’s play

This one scared me for awhile when it first came out. I mean, they made Chucky look exactly like a ‘My Buddy’ doll. The resemblance is uncanny. Anyway, this was the first of a series that would go to complete shit. This first one was completely scary. You would swear you’d see your stuffed animals moving at night after you watched this one.

Then about 10 years after this one came out, they turned the whole franchise into a joke by making the Bride of Chucky. Then came ‘The seed of Chucky’. I love corny horror movies, but those 2 were simply unwatchable if you ask me. It made Chuck go from a complete scary ass doll into a stupid sewn up piece of plastic.


The worst Horror Movie Ever

Jason X

Can you believe that there was someone, somewhere in some boardroom where there were people pitching this movie idea. And someone uttered the phrase “This is Going to be the best Movie Ever!”

tell me some of your favorite scary movies in the comments:

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