The Dana Carvey Show

One of the best tv shows I’ve ever watched was cancelled before I even got a chance to see it. It all started back in the 1996 season on ABC. It wasn’t until about a year ago, I got to see my first glimpse of ‘The Dana Carvey Show’.

The Dana Carvey Show

It’s amazing how great this sketch comedy show actually was. But, with only 7 episodes that aired and supposedly 11 episodes made, it was too risque for prime time tv. And with ABC being owned by Disney, they try to keep the channel as family friendly as they can.

Today, I bring to you a few clips from this long lost show. It probably will never be released to dvd. But, it’s a show where many of today’s top comics got their start. A few people you may have heard of is Steve Carell (The Office, 40 Year Old Virgin), Stephen Colbert (The Daily Show, Colbert Report), Louis CK (Lucky Louie), Robert Smigel (Triumph the insult comic dog, TV Funhouse), Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel, Mr. Show), & Dave Chappelle (Chappelle’s Show, Half Baked.

the pranksters

This first clip is a couple of pranksters. The can’t stop laughing after the pull a ‘prank’, but they have a very unusual way of pranking people. Funny stuff..

the beatles memories

Here’s a funny clip of the Beatles. My favorite part of this is George Harrison.


There was a guy named Madonny, who delivered Chinese Food. He also had a clothing style, plus he was a singer. Then this so called singer, Madonna, comes along, and totally rips him off. This is hilarious. One of the funniest moments happens when he’s cooking in his kitchen.

skinheads from maine

Here’s one of those ‘risque’ sketches that I told you about. It’s kind of screwed up, you have the most racists people in the world, with thick New England accents. Just watch it.


Here’s what would happen if there was a movie about Richard Nixon, with every actor that ever played him on screen. My favorite part of this, is the guy in the Richard Nixon mask.

crazy buddies

Here’s a commercial for a service for people who talk to themselves. I know you’ve seen people like this before on the street, and just back away from them.

cutting room floor

What if the Wizard of Oz had a deleted scene that contained another character. Each of the characters from Wizard of Oz needed something from the Wizard. This guy had a strange problem.


This commercial shows you how better it is to take the bus instead of to fly. The guy in this, Bill Chott, was born in St. Louis, MO. So, there are a few actors/comedians that are born in my town.

Anyway, as you can see from these few clips, this show was ahead of its time. I forgot to mention earlier, but it’s also where ‘The Ambiguously Gay Duo” got it’s start. Here’s a clip of that:

If The Dana Carvey Show came out today, like on comedy central, I’m sure it would do really well. Pretty much everyone from the show has gone on to bigger and better things, well except for the star himself, Dana Carvey. Where has he been anyway? Apparently he hasn’t done anything since ‘The Master of Disguise’, which wasn’t that good. Anyway, check out the show, if you can find it.

– Greg