Foam Fest 2006

I’m back again with another article about my sometimes eventful life. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to doing more toys & cartoons articles soon. Anyway, last Saturday night, T-Bone & I went to Foam Fest!

foam fest '06

So, what is foam fest? Well, this particular foam fest was at a club that T-Bone goes to regularly called The Crescent Room. What they do is, they get a foaming type device that produces foam. It kind of looks like a weird looking fan. But, it pours foam onto the dance floor. So, the dance floor is literally full of foam, about 4 – 6 feet tall in spots.

the dance floor

Here’s what the dance floor looked like before anyone got out there to mess up the foam. Pretty weird looking, huh? I thought it was pretty strange myself. I’ve seen this once before at a club down in Florida. Anyway, like any straight guy, I’m not big into dancing. I don’t go to clubs to dance, I go to clubs, because the girls go there. But, with 5 foot of foam out there, I had to go out there.

T-Bone dancing

T-Bone went out there first. He said it was so bizzare. So, I decided to go out there. I don’t really have any dance moves. I can do a few hardcore dance steps (see sick of it all’s video ‘step down’ for instructions) and I can skank. But, that’s about it. Since there’s so much foam out there, it didn’t matter how shitty I dance.

mullet man

Even the dude with the mullet got out there. It was great except, I couldn’t take pictures while I was out there, because you got all soap, I didn’t want to screw my camera up.


A great aspect of foam night is girls will wear less clothes. So, there were many bikinis out on the dance floor. It made for some really nice scenery. I didn’t get a picture of the bartender, but she was wearing a binkin top too. Believe me though, she was hot.

soapy beer

After being out there awhile, I noticed my beer tasted a little funny. I found out the way to hold your beer on foam fest night. You should always put your thumb over the hole, that way no soap will seep in.

the foamer

I got under the foamer a few times. It was pretty messy there. In fact, there were a few extra staff members there. Their job was to push water away from walkways. You need tons of water to produce all that foam, and it showed. There was water everywhere.


It was a great time. I’ll definitely go back. When I do, I’m inviting a ton more people. I didn’t think it’d be as fun as it was. Maybe it could of been the bacardi bombs & several beers. But, that’s besides the point. I came out of there with soaked pants & shoes. So, let me leave you with this tip: wear some pants that can easily be cleaned, and wear sandals instead of sneakers.

– Greg