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Posted on 28. Jul, 2006 by in articles

Hey Everyone the first episode of Half-Assed TV is now online! Check it out by clicking above.

Here’s what you’ll see in the first episode:
drinking a shot of butter, a new diet patch, the decepticons trying to steal the autobots’ porn, a new milkshake from KFC, a coke blak review, skeletor hosting Jeopardy, & more!

*update* – The streaming version is now available.

– Greg

6 Responses to “Half-Assed TV”

  1. Kim Epley

    01. Aug, 2006

    Were are the girls ? This episode is a sausage fest. I think that Kim girl was the best in the whole episode.

  2. Ex-Fat Guy

    05. Aug, 2006

    Thank you so much Half-Assed TV, I ordered the Diet Patch and since putting it on 6 days ago I feel abit light-headed and weak but have definately been losing weight everyday !

    And that Kim girl is just outstanding !!

  3. Beaner McNasty

    15. Aug, 2006

    Yeah… so you guys have a camcorder, that automatically makes you a producation company huh? Well if I wanted to see retards do pranks I do it right and just watch jackass.

    P.S: This shit sucks

  4. Greg

    15. Aug, 2006

    @beaner –
    Well, glad to get such a _positive_ review! And it’s from an intelligent guy from the USDA. I know it’s hard to spell production, especially when it’s written at the top of the page.

  5. Beaner McNasty

    17. Aug, 2006

    Haha I didnt think you would check back on this site ever again, kind of like the unwanted retarded baby that you’re supposed to abort, but hey man, words like production, unemployed, worthless, retarded, and untalented are really tough to spell. However, I cant comment on your site without them. Eie gess eie haf to lurn too spjell neckst tyem kuhnt.

  6. Kim Epley

    25. Aug, 2006

    @ beaner
    so i see you were describing yourself there!

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