Floating on the Huzzah

Hey everyone!

A few months ago, my friend Keith asked if I wanted to go on a float trip with them. I had never been on a float trip before, although, the opportunity has come up before. Not really knowing what to expect, I finally decided to pop my floating cherry and finally go floating.

Huzzah Valley

So, after a couple months of reservations, the weekend was finally here. I left work early, so we could get an early start to the conquest at hand. Of course, none of this mattered, because I had to wait for T-Bone. But after finally meeting up at Josh & Kim’s house, we left on a convoy to Huzzah Valley.

It was only about an hour away from the house, so it wasn’t a long trip. Josh put in Caleb’s ‘Fall Out Boy’ cd, which had just started to replay by the time we got there. When we got there, I couldn’t believe the amount of hot chicks there.


So, we got our campsite, and setup our tents. There was 12 of us. Two more were going to arrive in the morning. We setup 6 tents. There was a small pup tent for Dillon, a nice sized tent for Adam, a tent for me & T-Bone, a tent for Doug & Allison, a tent for Nick & Ashley, and a huge freaking Circus Big Top Tent for Josh, Kim, Keith & Lori. I wish I had a better picture of the the thing. But, it was a 10 man tent. It even had a wall inside, and a shelving unit which they decided they didn’t need to put up.

The folding seats

So, the seats were setup around the fire. Luckily, there was a pit dug out already, so we didn’t have to gather around the grill. It was nice, because we were right beside the river. And after drinking all night, none of us fell in. Did I mention, we took up 3 campsites?

One thing about the campsite was that around 11 o’clock it was literally ‘quiet time’. A Deputy dork came around and told us that we were talking too loud. We were like screw you, we can do what we want. We all went to bed around 12:30am, saying that the next night, we’ll be as loud as we want!

yo ho yo ho.. a pirates life for me

So, we started out around 9am on the river. First we checked our gear.. Food… check! Beer… check! Jello Shots… check! I think that was all we needed, so we took off for a fun filled day of floating.

The Sandbar

One of the things we took advantage of was about every 1/8 of a mile there was another Sand Bar. Actually there was no sand, it was more like a Gravel bar. It was a nice place to dock for awhile to drink a few more without worrying about tipping over the canoe. It also was a place to pee & play catch with a football. Oh, by the way, Keith had this new nerf football he got from walmart. After about 10 minutes of getting it wet & throwing it, it completely split in half. What passes for a nerf football these days?!

the Babes!

There was an abundance of babes on the river. If you look closely, one of the girls in this picture has her top on inside out. Well, what happened was, she dove into the water, which pulled her top down, and when she put it back up, she put it up inside out. It was actually funny. Did I mention, she was HOT!.. Anyway…

the ladies

We had our own share of babes with us in our group. Here’s four of the 5 that were with us: (L to R) Lori, Allison, Kim, Lori…


Well, we stopped for lunch for awhile. While we were there, a bunch of chicks on a raft kept eating Tom’s sandwich. I guess all that drinking was starting to make people hungry. The problem was those chicks wouldn’t flash for us. haha..


But, guess who did? Thank you Doug, We all needed that. Seriously though, we saw our share of boobs on the river. Okay, not as many as mardi gras, but I would estimate about 5 girls flashed. Here’s the problem. I was only able to take a disposable camera on the river with me, because I didn’t want my digital one fucked up. So, when I got back home to develop the film, I was told that Walgreen will develop them. When I got them back, all the flashing pictures were blanked out, the negatives were ruined and well, no boobie pictures. So, don’t take your T&A pics to walgreens.

A Tractor?

As we went across the river, there were many shallow spots where your canoe would drag across the bottom of the river floor. This one spot in particular was shallow enough for a tractor to make his way across.

the group photo

Before we got too wasted on the river, we decided to have someone take a group photo of all of the people in our group. (from L to R) Ashley, Nick, Adam, Keith, Lori, Greg, Kim, Tom, Josh, Lori, Allison, Scott, Doug, & Dillon.

Fruit Cocktail

One of Keith’s ingenius ideas was to cut up a bunch of watermelon & pineapple. He put them in a tupperware container with Rum & Vodka. It sat for a few days, then we took them out on the river with us. Holy Crap!! they were strong. I couldn’t believe how much the fruit sucked up the liquor. I was pretty good at catching fruit in my mouth if someone threw it to me. I caught like 14 out of 15 pieces. Nick had another agenda. He decided to drink as much as the liquor in the tupperware that he could. Amazingly, he seemed unaffected.

More Floating

Of course, I have to mention this. None of us flipped our canoes… except for Josh & Kim. But, it’s okay, we had been drinking a lot. There was some rough waters where they flipped though. They recovered all their stuff and were fine.


At the next sand bar, Me & Kim swapped canoe partners. Kim went with Tom & I went with Josh. Before we took off again, Josh noticed that somehow a fish ended up in our boat.

Underwater Kim!

Before I used all my film in my waterproof camera, I decided to try an actual shot underwater. It’s a picture of Kim. I think it turned out pretty good. The only problem was about halfway through the journey, my camera was coated with some strange sticky syrupy film. I couldn’t wash it off. I had no idea what it was, so half my pictures turned out fuzzy, unfortunately, this is one of them. It still looks good for being a little fuzzy.

Anyway, we turned a supposedly 4 hour, six mile floating trip into a 9 hour trip. Hey, might as well get your money’s worth, right? It was time to get on the bus, and get back to the campsite.

Night time

Remember how I said we were all going to stay up really late and make as much noise as we wanted the next night. Well, this picture was taken about at 10:30, everyone had already crashed, and we were about to do the same. It’s funny how a 9 hour boat ride in the sun could wear a person out.

the food

So, that’s it, the float trip was a great time. I should have went on many of these long ago, but I tell you I’ll never miss another one, because I had a really kickass time! If you want to see more of the pictures in better quality you can click here

Until next time… happy floating!

– Greg