80’s Hair Band Videos!

Posted on 23. Jun, 2006 by in articles


Hey everyone,

It’s been a long time for an update, but now I’m back. Today’s article is on videos from 80s hair bands. You can just smell the cheese coming off of these videos.

Also, if you check out halfassedtv.com, you can find out info about half-assed tv. No, it’s not out yet, as promised, but I’ve written some stuff about it there, it should be out within the next couple weeks.

– Greg

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  1. jeff

    24. Jun, 2006

    It make me want rto pull out my old albums. Yes I will be listening to the Bullet Boys today. If only Tim did scratch up most of my CD’s. You need to find a Danger,Danger , Black n Blue and Fastway videos.

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