My Bad Luck

Posted on 08. May, 2006 by in articles


Hey Everyone,

Another article for you today. Today’s article really isn’t that funny or anything. But, it’s a true story of something that happened to me today. I couldn’t believe what had happened to me, so I had to write an article about it. Check it out, and feel better about your life. 🙂

– Greg

2 Responses to “My Bad Luck”

  1. charles

    17. May, 2006

    hang in there bro!!

  2. Y-Me

    16. Jun, 2006

    Perhaps you could check out a crack house at your local police auction. You could find a sweet deal. Especially if there was some type of violent crime in the house. You may have to clean up some blood and paint over the crack smoke residue on the walls and ceiling. I could be a real fixer-upper.

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