My bad luck story

The following is a true story of events of my life. It was just one of strangest things that has ever happened to me, I had to tell the story. But, it shows you how much life can really screw you over. Hope you enjoy this:

Lemme first setup the story. I’ve been looking for a house for the past 3 months or so now. My lease was up on my apartment, and the landlord wouldn’t let me go month to month on rent. So, I decided I didn’t want to sign a new lease, so I moved in with my parents. It’s one of the worst things, after being out of the house for 8 years, then going back. But, I’m saving money, and I’m getting a homecooked meal every night. So, there are some upsides to it.

Anyway, I’ve looked at many houses, but none of them had really caught my eye until last Saturday.

My & My agent

AGENT: Here’s a nice house in your price range.

ME: Well, from the outside, it looks pretty good. It’s got a pool & a basketball court in back!

the outside

ME: Well, lets check the inside out. It’s in good shape, how old is it?

AGENT: Well, it’s only 30 years old. Most of the houses we’ve looked at sofar have been 50+ years old


ME: Holy crap! this is nice. I can’t believe it’s in my price range

AGENT: Well, it’s in your price range, but it’s sold AS-IS, so hopefully it’ll pass inspection, so your FHA loan will cover it

ME: This place looks in great shape, I don’t see how it wont pass. Plus the basement is huge! I could have tons of fun in this house!

AGENT: Well, lets go back to the office, and put a bid on it now!

Sign the papers

AGENT: Okay, sign here, & sign here

MANAGER: I think you’ll definitely get the house with your bid your offering.

Fax the paper work

AGENT: Okay, we’ll just fax your paper work, and they have 72 hours to respond.

ME: Why do they have so long?

AGENT: Since it’s a bank owned house, they have more time.

…. My agent found out that the bank were wanting a counter offer. So, on Wednesday, they called to ask if I could offer more money. After that, they had 3 more business days to contact me. Of course, they didn’t get ahold of me on Friday, so I was expecting to hear something on Monday.

Monday morning came, and I still didn’t hear anything back about the house. So, my agent called up the realtor selling the house.


AGENT: Yes, is this Remax? I’m calling in behalf of Greg. He wants to know what the word is on the house. Did they decide to accept his bid on the house?

the bank

REMAX: The bank looked over your offer and were going to accept your bid but….


REMAX: … you see, 2 days ago, on Saturday, some vandals or someone must have saw the house was vacant…


REMAX: …. they set the house on fire….

fire fighters

REMAX: … the fire was put out before the house burned to the ground….


REMAX: … the cops didn’t see anyone. But the house now has some damage to the roof & one of the berooms. We don’t know what’s going to happen with the house. The insurance will have to check it out, and see if the roof & other damage will be replaced. Until then, the house is off the market.


ME: NO!!!!!

… So, there you have it. My story of bad luck. I kind of compare it to the scene in My Name is Earl, when he wins the lottery, then gets hit by a car. Hopefully I’ll find another house that is almost as good that is in my price range. But, until then, I’m stuck with my parents for awhile.

Oh well… til next time

– Greg –