More 80’s commercials

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It’s time again to take another trip down memory lane. Although, this time, I found all my videos off of If you never checked out youtube, you must do it now! It’s one of the best video sites ever. Anyway, since my computer is sick right now, I had to do an article from another location, meaning I don’t have access to my files. So, instead of waiting to do something new, I decided to put up another set of commercials using Thanks youtube!


We start off with a great commercial from 7-Up. Instead of coming up with their own mascot, which they later did in commercials containing the 7up spot, 7up decided to use Pac-Man. Pac-Man Fever was going so strong in the early 80s. I remember having many different items with Pac-Man plastered on it: from lunch boxes to visors. Anyway, 7up teamed up with the hype of Pac-Man to create the ultimate commercial. Instead of the normal Power Pellets in the game, Pac-Man drank 7Up. And when he drinks 7-Up, he turns red, just like the famous 7Up red Spot. You’ll also notice, that they did a parody of the 80’s song, “Betty Davis Eyes”. By my estimates, the total cost of this commercial was $229,842,234,899,999.52 . I could be off a little bit.


Pepsi wanted to be the hip & cool soda out there. That’s why they would try to get famous celebrities with young people like Michael J Fox or Michael Jackson. In this particular commercial, they show you an even edgier side. They show you how to open a bottle of Pepsi, 80’s metal style!

Jif Peanut Butter

I buy a lot of generic food when I go to the grocery store. I don’t really care about name brands when it comes to food. Except… when it comes to peanut butter. I only get Jif. No other peanut butter compares.


No, it’s not another mcdonalds commercial with George Costanza. This is an old Ronald McDonald commercial where he teaches at Hamburger University. The funny thing is, McDonalds actually has a ‘Hamburger University’. My brother used to be a manager there, and they sent you to ‘Hamburger University’ for manager training. Anyway, this commercial reminds me of my youth. You hardly ever see McDonalds commercials with all the different McDonaldland characters. I think within the past few years, McDonalds is trying to change their image to be less appealing to kids. It all comes with parents crying out that McDonalds is the cause of kids being fat in America.

Spanish He-Man

My favorite toy & cartoon growing up was He-Man & the Masters of the Universe. I have about 40-50 different characters & accessories. But, when I became a teenager & He-man became uncool, I used to blow them up with fireworks for 4th of July. Luckily, I didn’t blow them all up, I have tons of them still safely stored in my parents basement.

This commercial is all in spanish. One cool thing about it being in spanish is that the dialog seems much more important & dramatic. This commercial is actually 2 commercials, The first is a commercial for Terror Claws Skeletor, Flying Fists He-Man & Hurricane Hordak. They were basically just re-releases of the original action figures, just with fancy new weapons. Of course, I bought into it as a kid, because I’ve got the original he-man & flying fists he-man. The second commercial is for 2 new vehicles, Mantisaur & Monstroid. As you can see in the commercial, Monstroid makes Moss Man & Cyclone it’s bitch.

ShowBiz Pizza

One of my favorite places to go when I was a kid was ShowBiz Pizza. You see, in some markets there was Chuck E. Cheese, and other markets there was ShowBiz. Well apparently Chuck E. Cheese was going bankrupt, so ShowBiz, bought out all the Chuck E. Cheese’s. So, for awhile there was CEC & SB, then ShowBiz decided to change their name to Chuck E. Cheese, and changed all the showbiz’s to Chuck E. Cheese.

Anyway, I liked showbiz better, I liked the characters better, and it seemed to be aimed towards older kids. I remember all they had was video games. I didn’t remember any rides or ball pits until they became Chuck E. Cheese. As you can see from the above commercial this place was advertised towards young adults. I mean, there isn’t a single kid in this commercial. It’s really kind of weird.

Taco Bell

Here’s an old Taco Bell commercial before they had gimmicks like the talking Chihauhua. This was a very simple commercial. Taco Bell must have been really cheap back in the day. This commercial is for the new ‘Taco Lite’ taco. It’s funny though, it’s not lite as far as calories, it’s just using a crispy flour tortilla shell instead of a corn one. But, you can get a medium soda with a taco lite for only 5 cents. That’s a bargin!

Juicy Fruit

Here’s a classic commercial from the 80’s. It’s for Juicy Fruit gum. I just remember the song to this, and I will never be able to get it out of my head for the rest of my life. I’m pretty sure there was a snow skiing version of this commercial too.

Well, that’s it for this time. I’ll keep the putting more commercials up periodically.

– Greg –