Commercials from 1986

One thing that fascinates me is old commercials. I love to see how the idea of advertising has changed throughout the years. The music, fashions, and styles all change through the years just like everything else.

I looked through a few of my old VHS tapes, and found some commercials from 1986. I’m trying to find even older stuff. But still this is about 20 years old. I will bring you more commercials from time to time. This is just the first in a sporadic series. These are all from VHS, so the quality varies. Click on the pictures below to view the video:

This is a classic that I remember from my youth. In early 1986 when this was out I was 8 years old. I think this commercial was played long after that. But, I can’t recall seeing the Hamburger Helper Glove since the 80’s. Whatever happened to him? He would rival the pilsbury doughboy as best claymation sponsor.

Remember when TV guide was just a magazine and not a tv channel. Actually, does anyone actually need tv guide anymore? I mean all cable & satellite tv services have the on screen guide. Anyway, they used to have commercials about what’s in the upcoming issue of tv guide. In this issue they have an interview with Sophia from the Golden Girls, and they talk to Rupert Murdoch about starting a new tv network. This was before the Launch of Fox TV. I can’t believe Fox will be celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. The channel launched on October 9th, 1986.

This commerical is actually kind of lame. But, the great thing about it is who it’s advertising for. You see for a short time in the mid 80’s, Jack in the Box changed their name to Monterey Jacks. In fact, Ray Charles even appeared in a commercial singing a parody of his own song “Hit the Road Jack.” Instead of singing “Hit the Road Jack” he sang, you guessed it, “Monterey Jacks”. The name change didn’t stay very long. I actually think it was less than a year, and the marketing geniuses came to their senses and changed their name back to Jack in the Box.

Here’s another ad I remember from my youth. In fact, I never heard the ‘Hello Mother’ song before I heard this commercial. I heard the song on the radio when my parents were listening to an oldie show, and I thought, “Hey!, they’re singing the downy song!”

Ahh… finally a McDonald’s commercial. This seems to be the beginning of McDonald’s selling ‘meals’. They were a Burger, fries & a drink for one price. Now, of course everyone orders these by number. But at this time the only ‘Value Packs’ they had available were with the Big Mac, McDLT, & Quarter Pounder w/Cheese. The nice 80’s style music in this commercial is priceless.

This last one is more for local St. Louis people. This commercial was for “The Globe Democrat” newspaper. This paper no longer exists. In fact 1986 was the last year it was printed. It was over 137 years old when it was shut down. The only paper we have in St. Louis now is the Post-Dispatch. Since I was young at the time, the only thing I can remember from the Globe, was that it had Garfield in the comics section. And when it closed, the Post-Dispatch aquired it.

So, anyway, there’s a walk down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed this first of many classic commercial articles to come.

– Greg –